You will absolutely love the Salcedo Group! Great mix of music, excellent playing. The first time I worked with them the audience LOVED them. You will too.

Peter Merkle
Chicago Weddings by Global Heart Entertainment Inc

“It’s always a pleasure to hear the Salcedo group play! They’re a very professional, disciplined group with tons of charisma and passion! I love the diversity and range of their musical selection”.

Elia Pinto

Awesome!!! Great music–very professional !! ¬°Bravo!

Paul Seus

“I thoroughly enjoyed your CD on my long trip home from work. The mix of sounds was magical and the musicians are very talented. I loved the sound and others will as well!”

Dr. Mike Kuzniewski

I first heard the Salcedo Group at a restaurant my husband and I frequent and we were so impressed with the variety and great sound of the music they play. Because I loved their sound so much, I asked if they would play at a large fundraising event I am involved in and they accepted. They have played the event for two years now and the guests really love them.

They are truly gifted musicians and with the vast repertoire of music Salcedo Group plays, I would highly recommend them for any event!

Patricia Werner